Montana Historical Society

It is often said that “no trip is complete without a stop here,” and you can’t travel to Montana without visiting the Montana Historical Society and Montana’s Museum in the Capital City of Helena.

What you will miss if you don’t make the stop is the true and amazing story of the many and diverse people who have called Montana home, and the incredible stories of the ways they have learned to live in this rugged and beautiful land.

Our exhibits are world-class, and we have been called “The Smithsonian of the West.” Our Mackay Gallery of Charles M. Russell art uses beautiful artworks to tell the real story of the Native Americans, explorers, free trappers, cowboys and settlers that are the backbone of Montana history.

If you want to learn more about what you are experiencing in Montana, our Research Center with its incredible primary source archives and more than 500,000 historic photographs and images stands ready to help you. Our State Historic Preservation Office can direct you to the unique buildings, sites and other properties in the state that include remains of a Frank Lloyd Wright utopian community and Virginia City, Montana, which is the best preserved gold boom town attraction in the West.

Our friendly staff can also provide you with information on the more than 200 local Montana museums and help you plan your trips to visit our “Cultural Treasures.”

I also want to thank Lee Enterprises of Montana for their support in working with all of us to get this great publication put together and in your hands. Cultural Treasures is just that. It will help you find the Montana you are looking for in your own special way.

When you travel the state, we hope you take some time to thank all of the people who work hard – often without pay – to collect, preserve and present Montana history to the world.

Remember, no Montana trip is complete without taking some time to enjoy and learn about the history of this great land.

Bruce Whittenberg
Montana Historical Society Director